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Anyone can buy products off the internet these days, but how do you know that what you’re buying will work correctly within your specific parameters? Do you have staff available and able to install or program the equipment? What happens when your best laid plans fall apart? Fathom Media offers a full gamut of services to ensure that you not only get the products necessary to achieve your goals, but a team of certified professionals that will walk you through every step of the process.


You may have an idea of what you’d like the end result to be, but how do you get there?  Fathom Media takes your vision and puts it into a clear design plan based on your vision and our expertise.  Let us troubleshoot and plan so that you don’t make a costly error.


Acquiring a certified programmer can be expensive and time-consuming. Fathom Media realizes the importance of qualified designers and installers and you can be assured that we can handle your programming needs when setting up audio/visual components. By having qualified programmers on staff, we eliminate the extraneous elements of third parties and deliver the products already formatted to your needs.


Once the products have been purchased, the deadlines set and you are ready to move forward, our installation team takes care of the dirty work.  Having worked in various scenarios and facilities, our installation team boasts a flawless finish and professional etiquette that allows for minimal intrusion into your daily activities.


What sets Fathom Media apart from our competition is our follow through. Our team of certified trainers provides the assurance that what you purchased will be used, and used effectively. Your technology strategy is only effective if you can ensure that your employees feel comfortable using it. Fathom Media boasts an exemplary training team that cares about your success, and brings your technology to the forefront of your business.